Columbus, OH (Home Offices)
•Atlanta, GA
•Birmingham, AL
•Boston, MA
•Chicago, IL
•Dallas, TX
•Louisville, KY
•Los Angeles, CA
•New York City - Metro
•Phoenix, AZ
•Sacramento, CA
San Antonio, TX
•Springfield, MO
•St. Louis, MO

Each geographic market is unique, and our field offices serve as local experts.  Each location maintains a database of consumers that allow for efficient and economical recruiting.


Partnership Markets

Spencer Research has the ability to work in most major and mid-major markets in the continental United States. Our central location in Ohio, combined with reciprocal partnership markets, allows us to be well dispersed throughout the nation and able to work in any geographical area of the country. 

Through our own facilities, as well as partnered testing facilities throughout the US, Spencer Research is able to conduct multiple forms of research where needed by our clients. This approach permits us to provide testing nationwide in facilities that are an extension of the services we offer in our home market.

The staff of our partnership market locations receive extensive training by the Spencer Research supervisory field staff to ensure that each market is providing the same quality research our clients have come to expect from our home market staff.  As a result, each partnership market maintains our high standards and serves as a continuation of the Spencer Research commitment to quality market research services.

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