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Quantitative Research
» Telephone Surveys
» Product Discrimination Testing
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Qualitative Research
» One on One Interviews
» Focus Group Studies

Additional Services

Buyer Reaction/Customer Satisfaction Studies
Knowing what customers expect and keeping customers satisfied is key for the continued success of a brand.
Spencer Research’s ability to conduct Buyer Reaction and Customer Satisfaction Studies allows our clients to understand their customers as they relate to their products, as well as what factors influenced their level of satisfaction with a particular product.

Store Intercept Research

Knowing about a purchase decision can sometimes be best when it is still fresh in the consumers’ minds.  Store Intercept Research is another service we provide that can shed light on why someone may or may not have purchased a particular item.
Through our network of national field suppliers, Spencer Research can provide in-store interviewers in practically any major or mid-major market in the United States. To ensure quality execution, we maintain an active grading system that monitors and rates the performance of field agencies from project to project.

Product Acquisition Services
As a manufacturer, it is sometimes necessary to evaluate your in-market product, or to compare it with the competition.  Spencer Research has the ability to acquire in-market products for our clients nationwide.

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